Tsosie Stays at ASU!

Great News! Professor Tsosie will stay at ASU! Last week Professor Tsosie sent a note to the Advisory Council, students and alumni stating she will stay at ASU with a slightly reconfigured faculty and administrative role that allows her greater participation at the University level. Patty Ferguson-Bohnee will assume the title of Executive Director on July 1 and Professor Tsosie will be working with her and the other faculty and staff of the ILP on designing the next phase of the Program’s development, which will more fully engage the University’s mission and vision for the future.

Tohono O’odham land into trust issue

Please see the attached order and injunction issued yesterday by Judge Campbell in the federal district court case regarding the Tohono O’odham land into trust issue in Glendale. The Judge has enjoined Interior from taking the land into trust and enjoined Glendale’s annexation of Parcel 2 until the matter is decided by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.


Tohono O’odham v. Glendale

Tohono O’odham v. Glendale, 1 CA-CV 10-0341 (Ariz. App. May 3, 2011)

The Arizona Court of Appeals issued a decision yesterday reversing summary judgment on the annexation issue:


The Tohono O’odham Nation (“Nation”) appeals the grant of summary judgment to the City of Glendale (“Glendale”) on Nation’s challenge to Glendale’s purported annexation of real property owned by Nation. For the reasons that follow, we hold that when the validity of a municipality’s annexation ordinance is timely challenged in court, the annexation does not automatically become final thirty days after the ordinance was adopted. Accordingly, we reverse the grant of summary judgment in favor of Glendale and remand for entry of judgment in favor of Nation.

Get the decision: http://azcourts.gov/Portals/89/opinionfiles/CV/CV100341.pdf.