School to Prison Pipeline in Indian Country – Archived Webcast

In case you missed the School To Prison Pipeline in Indian Country event, you can watch the archived webcast at:

For more information on this event, including materials, please click on the following link:

This photograph features all the speakers in attendance (from Left to Right): 1st row: Patty Ferguson-Bohnee, Guenevere Nelson-Melby, Claire Raj, Dr. Laura McNeal, Sheri Freemont, Sarah Redfield, Nicholas Bustamante, Dr. Denise Bates, Dr. Malia Villegas, and Dottie Wodraska. 2nd row: John Lewis, Dr. Sabina Vaught, Dr. Bryan Brayboy, Leonard Gorman, Vanessa Walsh, Jenifer Kasten, Sam Deloria, and Stephen Pevar. 3rd row: Jason Nance, Tiffani Darden, the Honorable Ron Whitener, Jeremiah Chin, Dr. Charles Roessel, and Kenneth Standard.