Needed: Moot Court Judges

NNALSA needs volunteers to serve as oral argument judges for the NNALSA Moot Court competition being held at ASU Law School on Feb. 21-23. NNALSA is in dire need of judges on Thursday and Friday, but judges are also still needed for Saturday. The competition rounds are listed below. Please sign up for as many rounds as possible. Send your responses to Matt Campbell at Please forward this request to your coworkers and other attorneys.

16th Annual NNALSA Moot Court Competition Schedule


Registration — 10am-12pm
Orientation — 12:30- 1:30
Round One, Heat One – 2pm-3:30pm
Round One, Heat Two – 3:30pm-5pm
Feast N’ Fest – Night time (Maybe 6 or 7is)


Round 2, Heat One – 8am-9:30am
Round 2, Heat Two – 9:30am-11am
Round 3, Heat One – 2pm-3:30pm
Round 3, Heat Two – 3:30pm-5pm
Heard Museum Banquets — 8pm-10pm (Bus Holding 55 leaves Hotel at 7:15pm)


Sweet 16 — 8am-9:30am

Elite 8 — 10am — 11:30am

Final Four — 1pm-2:30pm

Final Argument — 3:30pm-5:30pm

Awards Banquet — 7pm-9pm