Job Opportunity – Assistant Prosecutor

San Carlos Apache Tribe
San Carlos, Arizona

Position Title: Assistant Prosecutor
Closing date: June 7, 2018

As an Assistant Prosecutor under the direction of the Chief Prosecutor, the Assistant Prosecutor shall prosecute criminal actions on the behalf of the San Carlos Apache Tribe in regards to child dependency and crimes against children. The Assistant Prosecutor has prosecute civil petitions in the Juvenile Court and render technical assistance to the police department and other related agencies. Shall perform legal research, prepare or assist in drafting and filing motions, memorandums of law, petitions and other legal documents. Shall recognize sensitive and complex issues, develop, and formulate case theory. The Assistant Prosecutor is responsible for handling cases arising out of allegations of child abuse and neglect. The Assistant Prosecutor will also be required to assess the backlog of cases on the juvenile court docket and develop and implement permanency planning for children involved in the juvenile court system. Shall work closely with Tribal Social Services and law enforcement agencies. Shall conduct research on drug exposed infants and children, and develop new strategies for dealing with these types of cases, including but not limited to assessing and researching current codes and making recommendations for changes as needed. Assist with data collection, report preparation, and community education activities. Shall perform other duties as assigned.

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