Job Opportunity – Public Defender

San Carlos Apache Tribe
San Carlos, Arizona

As a Public Defender under the general direction of the Tribal Chairman and the general oversight of the Law & Order Committee, the Public Defender shall represent without charge, criminal defendants and parents or custodians in child protection cases as appointed by Judges of the Court with the consent of the defendant. In addition, represent juveniles charged with delinquency. The Public Defender shall take all necessary steps to investigate the facts to make sure each case is fairly represented. Shall prepare or assist in motions, memorandum of law, petitions and other legal documents. Deal with prosecution in the negotiation of pleas, which are fair on behalf of the clients. Recommend appropriate sentences for convicted offenders to the Court, repair and file appeals where warranted. Carry out department needs in order to protect the sovereignty and customs of the Tribe and rights of the people. Coordinate case investigation, preparation and courtroom presentation. Advise defendants of their rights and ensure they have a fair trial. Criminal and Juvenile Procedures, established by the San Carlos Apache Tribe Code of Indian Offenses and San Carlos Apache Tribal Court rules that pertain to defense and courtroom presentation of criminal and juvenile cases. Perform other duties relating to Court matter and other duties as assigned.

Basic Requirements:
Successful completion of a course of study in an accredited two (2) year college leading to an AA/AAS degree in Criminal Justice or closely related field. NOTE: Applicant must submit a copy of all college transcripts and/or degree to meet positive education requirements.

In addition to meeting the basic requirements above, candidates must have had three (3) years of specialized experience.

Specialized experience is experience in defending cases involving criminal law in a courtroom or in a job related field. Examples of the type of experience that will be credited are shown above under “Duties and Responsibilities”.

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