Job Opportunity – General Counsel

Havasupai Tribe
Flagstaff, AZ

Application closes: May 15, 2019

Job Summary:
The General Counsel is the principal legal counsel of the Havasupai Tribe and reports directly to the Havasupai Tribal Council. The General Counsel provides professional legal counsel and representation to the Havasupai Tribal government as indicated by the Tribal Council. The General Counsel works closely and independently with the Tribal Council and the Tribal Government staff. Finally, the General Counsel assists the Tribal Council in managing the work of the Tribe’s outside legal counsel.
The Havasupai Tribe has a remote office in Flagstaff, Arizona for professional staff.

  1. The General Counsel shall focus legal representation and work for the Havasupai Tribe on the following priority areas and issues:
    • Tribal Council procedures and day-to-day management of the tribal governmental affairs and operation of tribal enterprises including personnel matters.
    • Legal assistance to managers of tribal programs including housing, health care services, education, social services, elderly services, environmental programs, natural resources, facilities management, and other programs funded by the Tribe and by federal and state
  2. Advises and represents the Tribe in civil liability matters that the Havasupai may become a party to in Tribal and Federal Court.
  3. Supervises the Tribe’s outside/contract attorneys, to help achieve successful completion of their assigned work.

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Knowledge of the Havasupai Tribe.
  2. Must have at least three years of experience working with Tribal Governments.
  3. Must be an attorney in good standing with a state bar association in the United States without any disbarments.
  4. Must possess knowledge of Tribal, State, and Federal law, including administrative procedures.
  5. Must be able to effectively represent the Tribe in tribal court.
  6. Must pass pre-employment drug and health screening.
  7. Must have demonstrated ability to maintain satisfactory working record in any prior or current employment and the ability to work independently with self-direction and effective time management.
  8. Ability to reach

Application Procedures:
Submit a letter of interest and resume or curriculum vitae to Zach Stevens.

  1. Provide at least 3 professional references and contact information for each.
  2. Provide law school transcripts.
  3. Provide a writing sample of at least 1,000 words from a document prepared in the course of regular work in the past year with confidential information redacted.
  4. Be available for an in-person interview in Supai on the Havasupai Reservation.

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