Job Opportunity – Navajo Nation Office of the Prosecutor

Two attorney positions available in Kayenta, AZ and Window Rock, AZ

Job Description

Under supervision of the Chief Prosecutor represents the interest of the Navajo Nation government. Provides and assists several district prosecutor offices in prosecution of criminal and civil cases representing the interests of the Navajo Nation government. Will attend arraignments, as needed; trials, adjudications, child dependency adjudications, motion hearings, sentencing/disposition hearings, pretrial conferences, preliminary hearings, and other related issues to court attendance; prepares all requires legal documents; reviews investigative reports, legal pleadings from defense counsel, law enforcement reports and related documents; determines natures of the criminal offense; establishes case plan with law enforcement personnel from various governmental agencies on most serious criminal offenses such as vehicular homicide, sexual assault, aggravated batteries, child neglect or spousal abuse, etc.; assigns case plans; provides legal guidance and advice to law enforcement personnel in proceeding with investigation; prepares and obtains search warrants as necessary, conducts follow ups on cases and elements of cases, conducts legal research, review criminal complaints, interview witnesses, included but not limited to other legal matters.

Provides supervision of district office(s) and ensures the continued daily operation of the district office. Coordinates, oversees and manage the overall operation of the assigned district office; fully responsible in securing resources and providing services to ensure the efficient operation of the district office; coordinates program activities with numerous government agencies throughout the tristate area, completes and orientates, trains, lectures and advises on numerous law enforcement related laws, regulations and rules. Addresses administrative reports, meetings, direct services, and etc. pursuant to the established Navajo Nation(s) policies. This position is sedentary with potential for high levels of stress. This position services at the pleasure of the Chief Prosecutor.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • A Juris Doctorate
  • Current admission in any state bar with the intention of seeking and securing admission to the Navajo Nation Bar Association and either the Arizona, New Mexico or Utah State Bar within one (1) year of date of hire.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Current admission in the Navajo Nation Bar Association and the Arizona, New Mexico or Utah State Bar.

Special Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Knowledgeable of Navajo Nation Government and Laws, applicable state and federal statutes, rules, and regulations; basic principles of management, administration, accounting, bookkeeping, etc. Knowledge of the principles, practices and methods of legal research, evidentiary gathering of information, documents, financial records and other data that may be used in court; court processes, administrative law processes and legal terminology; legal strategies, their development and presentation and supervisory methods and techniques. Skilled in legal research, effectively assessing, interpreting and applying complex laws to information, evidence and other data compiled, assessing analyzing and assessing financial and other records to make recommendations and THE NAVAJO NATION GIVES PREFERENCE TO ELIGIBLE AND QUALIFIED APPLICANTS IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE NAVAJO PREFERENCE IN EMPLOYMENT ACT AND VETERANS’ PREFERENCE.

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