Contract Position – Management and Program Assistant BIA

Management and Program Assistant who is Native American, starting May 6 if possible.

This position provides program support and secretarial assistance to the Office of Self Governance in Washington, responsibilities are focused on supporting the growth of Indian self-governance tribes and office internal requirements, such as records management, internal budget tracking, inclusion of tribal transportation data input. This position is critical for self-governance tribes to receive their compact, funding agreement and amendments in a timely and organized manner. This position offers on-going evaluation and improvements in the efficiency in the administrative processes for OSG. This position monitors and studies reports and recommends actions to correct deficiencies or improve administrative operations. This position drafts briefings for new tribes, performs research projects, handles all office procurement and internal budget management, produces a variety of documents to analyze tribal economic and compacting trends, develops surveys, uses databases and spreadsheets software to retrieve data for standard reports, meets OSG internal control review requirements in tracking funding agreements, compacts, amendments, audits, and performs administrative duties for the Office of Self Governance SES Director and other OSG staff. Salary range $35-45k starting.
Contact Sharee Freeman if interested.