Job: Alaska

From: Bessie O’Rourke Sent: Wednesday, January 27, 2010 9:05 AMTo: Bessie O’RourkeSubject: Please spread the word re attorney jobs

Dear All,
My office is still looking for someone who wants to be an assistant borough attorney, in Barrow. There may be two positions opening up, but we are now hiring for a contracts and real estate-focused position. (Later this year there may be another position which would be focused on environment and natural resources, which we have also started advertising for.)

I am having a heck of a time hiring, so thought I would just write people I know and ask you to spread the word, in case there are people you know, or people you know who may know people who may know people……who could be interested. (We are also using different ads, in papers, schools, bar associations, other associations, other municipalities, other agencies who must hire for the more remote parts of Alaska, etc.)

Depending on the candidate, we are willing to work with people who have less than two years experience practicing law, and who have to take the Alaska bar after they get here. The assistant attorney positions pay $110,964. The Borough pays relocation expenses up to a given max, has good insurance benefits, leave benefits, and PERS.

The work I think is interesting and varied, the staff is friendly and collaborative, and the town, the region and the indigenous and other cultures make life here different than on the road system. You know I like it. People who want to try something different should check it out.

Any referrals would be so helpful. Anyone interested is welcome to call or email me. Thanks.

Bessie O’Rourke
Borough Attorney
North Slope Borough