Jobs at DOJ’s Civil Rights Division

Attorney Jobs in DOJ, Civil Rights Division

Attached for your distribution are several job announcements recently posted for attorneys to work in the Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division. Please feel free to publicize. If you are not the right person or wish to be removed from this list, please let me know. Thanks.

Trial Attorney, Employment Litigation Section 10-ATT-001 Closes 3/02/10*&vw=d&re=134&FedEmp=N&FedPub=Y&caller=agency.aspx&AVSDM=2010-01-20+23%3a25%3a00

Trial Attorney, Education Section 10-ATT-002 Closes 3/18/10*&vw=d&re=134&FedEmp=N&FedPub=Y&caller=agency.aspx&AVSDM=2010-01-20+23%3a27%3a00

Deputy Chief, Criminal Section 10-ATT-003 Closes 2/11/10*&vw=d&re=134&FedEmp=N&FedPub=Y&caller=agency.aspx&AVSDM=2010-01-20+23%3a28%3a00

Trial Attorney, Criminal Section 10-ATT-004 Closes 2/18/10*&vw=d&re=134&FedEmp=N&FedPub=Y&caller=agency.aspx&AVSDM=2010-01-20+23%3a28%3a00