JOB: Tohono O’odham Judge (4 positions)

OPENING DATE: February 14, 2008
CLOSING DATE: Open till filled
LOCATION OF POSITION : This position is located within the Tohono O’odham Judicial Branch.

The Nation’s judges are appointed by the Tohono O’odham Legislative Council. The terms are as follows: Two judges will be appointed to six-year terms beginning February 1, 2007 and expiring on February 1, 2013. Two additional judges will be appointed to six-year terms beginning February 1, 2009 and expiring on February 1, 2015.

Under the general supervision of the Chief Judge.

A judge of the Tohono O’odham Nation, and shall have the duties/powers of the office in accordance with article VIII of the constitution of the Tohono O’odham Nation, and shall have such powers as provided herein:
(1) Hear and determine, when so assigned by the chief judge or the deputy chief judge, any matter arising under the law, ordinances and constitution of the Tohono O’odham Nation and grant, when otherwise required enter an order or judgment in favor of a party. Readvertised 10-29-08
(2) Hear and determine an uncontested or contested petition(s) for adoption, custody, dependency, guardianship of other similar proceeding the status of minors, and incompetence of incapacitated persons.
(3) Hear and enter judgment in criminal misdemeanor of juvenile/child/offender cases.
(4) Hear and determine any matters pertaining to evaluation, treatment and placement of mentally ill person(s).
(5) Hear and determine any matter pertaining to dissolution of marriage, probate of estate and any matter filed pursuant to the civil laws of ordinances of the Tohono O’odham Nation.
(6) Grant and order(s), judgment(s) or decree(s) on written stipulation in accordance with agreed terms and conditions.
(7) Hear and rule on any motion of application relative to an Order, Judgment or Decree granted or signed by a judge, provided that the motion or application is made in accordance with the applicable Rules of Court Procedure.
(8) Issue orders to show cause requiring any person(s) to appear before a judge of the Tohono O’odham Courts to show cause why the Court should not issue a contempt of court.
(9) Issue civil and criminal arrest warrants pursuant to the rules of civil and criminal procedure.
(10) Enter an ex parte order, provided a judge shall not make ex parte orders which would deprive a person from custody of a child of deprive a person of his liberty, or grant injunctive relief, without notice and opportunity to appear being given to each person who may be affected, expect in default hearings of for necessary, temporary matters preceding a hearing.
(11) Grant an order of judgment, provided there are uncontroversial facts to support such order of judgment of grant other ancillary or extraordinary relief as may be necessary to effectuate any term of condition heard and determined.
(12) Perform such other judicial duties as assigned.

(1) Admitted to, and a member in good standing with, a state bar and federal bar; possess a juris doctorate degree, and have at least three years of experience as a practicing attorney in the field of Indian law, or Readvertised 10-29-08
(2) Possess a bachelor’s degree and at least six years of work experience and training in judicial of law-related field which provides the desired knowledge, skills and abilities.

 Working knowledge of tribal laws and applicable state and federal laws.

 Working knowledge of applicable criminal, civil, traffic laws and regulations.

 Working knowledge of judicial practices and procedures within Indian country.

 Working knowledge of the organization, functions and legal limitations on the authority of Indian tribes.

 Skills in the preparation and argument of legal memoranda, orders, judgments, and decrees.

 Good writing and verbal skills.

 Ability to research, interpret and apply legal principles and precedents to matters or cases arising under the Nation’s laws or Constitution.

 Ability to perform the duties of the office impartially and diligently and to avoid any appearance of impropriety in all activities.

 Ability to uphold the integrity and independence of the judiciary.

 Ability to improve the law and the administration of justice either by speaking, writing, lecturing, teaching or participating in activities concerning the law of judicial services.

 Ability to regulate all extra judicial activities to minimize the risk of conflict with the judicial duties.

Requirements marked with a ** are preferred and requirements underlined are mandatory.
(1) Preference given to qualified, enrolled members of federally recognized Indian tribes with first preference to qualified, enrolled members of the Tohono O’odham Nation Readvertised 10-29-08
(2) ** Ability to speak or understand the O’odham language.
(3) Applicant will be required to go through an extensive nationwide background investigation check . Background check shall include criminal history, driving record litigation, past of pending, and may include financial information check and checks of other background information concerning the applicant.

NOTE: Conviction of a misdemeanor involving a serious crime or of any felony and/or conviction of a driving under the influence of major traffic offense within the past three years shall automatically disqualify the applicant. Serious crime is defined as any crime, which involves interference with the administration of justice, perjury, misrepresentation, theft or moral turpitude including a conspiracy, solicitation of attempt to commit a serious crime.
(4) Must be fingerprinted
(5) An application for employment must be submitted with a resume and three reference letters — applicant will not be considered if application, resume and reference letters are received of postmarked after the closing date.
(6) ** Valid Arizona driver’s license (must be able to obtain Arizona license upon beginning of employment).
(7) Must provide copies of college diploma(s) and bar certification if an attorney.
(8) Must take pass oral and written examination on legal questions and matters to illustrate knowledge of judicial and legal requirements.

SALARY: $70,070.94 to $76,485.48
– Group health and life insurance, 401(k) plan, and as well as other benefits are provided.
Applications for employment are available from the Tohono O’odham Legislative Branch and must be submitted to:

ATTN: Judiciary Committee Chairperson Application must be submitted to the
Tohono O’odham Legislative Branch Legislative Branch Administration
Post Office Box 837 During the hours of 8:00 A.M. –
Sells, Arizona 85634 5:00 P.M. Monday thru Friday
(520) 383-5260 EXCEPT HOLIDAYS