Assisting Native voters on Preference Presidential Election day

On March 19, the Arizona Native Vote Election Protection Project set up its command center in the ASU Indian Legal Clinic. Director Patty Ferguson-Bohnee, Democracy Director Joel Edman and student attorneys Keely Driscoll (2L), Samir Grover (3L), Clayton Kinsey (3L), Natalia Sells (3L), Alexandra Trousdale (3L) and Chelsi Tsosie (3L) were joined by Project partners to help Native voters on Preference Presidential Election day. 

The Arizona Native Vote Election Protection hotline was fully staffed and we appreciate our partners from All Voting Is Local, Inter Tribal Council of Arizona, Arizona Faith Network and League of Women Voters for the continued support.

We are also updating the polling locator tool. Most Arizona counties make changes to their precinct lines and/or voting locations between elections. Tsosie has obtained the new precinct shape files, allowing the tool to be updated for the 2024 election.

Edman recently provided an update on the use of vote centers vs. precinct-based polling places across Arizona. Besides determining precinct boundaries, Arizona counties also have the power to decide whether to offer precinct-based voting or vote centers. This decision point is critical to determining whether a ballot will be counted. At vote centers, any voter in the county can cast a ballot and have that ballot counted. Under Arizona’s precinct-based voting system, if a voter casts a ballot out of precinct, the whole ballot is discarded. 

The newly updated Election Procedures Manual, in effect beginning December 30, 2023, includes a requirement that counties using precinct-based polling places must offer out-of-precinct voters the opportunity to vote their correct ballot using an accessible voting device. This is a big win!