Job Opportunities – Public and Indian Housing

Supervisory Native American Program Specialist, GS-1101-15, HQ (Director Headquarters Operations)
Washington, D.C.

This position is located in Public and Indian Housing’s (PIH) Office of Native American Programs (ONAP). PIH’s mission is to provide low-income families affordable housing opportunities as they transition to self-sufficiency and homeownership. ONAP oversees the administration of HUD’s Native American Programs through a staff of Headquarters and Field employees. The field structure for ONAP consists of 6 area offices that provide oversight, direct monitoring, and coordination for approximately 360 tribal housing organizations. ONAP also administers tribal community development grants and loan guarantee programs.

As a Supervisor Native American Programs Specialist, you will:

  • Work closely with the PIH Administrative Services and Management Division to ensure that ONAP plans conform to the overall Federal and departmental policies and procedures.
  • Provide supervision to the Staff Assistant, Secretary and Presidential Intern in carrying out the administrative, clerical, secretarial or research tasks assigned to those positions. Also provide administrative and technical supervision to the Government Technical Representative (GTR), National Training Coordinator, and Community Builders, who serve as the principal sources of expertise in their respective functions.
  • Provide decisions, recommendations, and guidance on administrative matters that impact headquarters’ operations. Decisions and recommendations are accepted without change, except in rare instances, by the Deputy Assistant Secretary (DAS). Report directly to the DAS who provides broad administrative direction.
  • Provide user data and analysis of funds utilization effectiveness by Indian and Native client groups and provides special client inputs into the development of overall housing controls for the assignment of program funds. Coordinate actions with appropriate ONAP staff.

The open period is: 1/10/17 – 1/18/17

Internal (MP)

Announcement Number: 17-HUD-466

Native American Program Specialist, GS-1101, GS-13, HQ
Washington, D.C.

As a Native American Program Specialist, you will:
  • Represent the agency as a consultant and advisor in providing communication and liaison activities with HUD clients, tribal leaders, local, State and Federal leaders, representatives of the housing and lending industries, foundations, universities, public and private interest groups.
  • Develop, implement and monitor projects and initiatives intended to stimulate, develop interest in, and utilization of HUD programs in Indian country.
  • Demonstrate skills in partnership building, especially with respect to bringing representatives from the public, private, non-profit sectors, including constituencies of diverse racial, ethnic and economic backgrounds, into the program planning and execution process.
  • Utilize available technology to track projects and to prepare and deliver presentations. Assist in the development of reports, spreadsheets etc. which effectively and efficiently provides information, tracks goals, monitors projects as appropriate.

The open period is: 1/10/17 – 1/24/17

Internal (MP)

Announcement Number 17-HUD-435