Job Opportunity – Associate Judge

Colorado River Indian Tribes

Job Summary:
The Associate Judge is responsible for fairly and impartially hearing and deciding judicial cases and matters within the jurisdiction of the Colorado River Indian Tribes Tribal Court pursuant to the CRIT Tribal Laws, Codes, Rules and regulations as assigned by Chief Judge

To perform this job successfully, an individual must meet the following minimum qualifications:

1. Must be twenty-five (25) years of age or older.

2. Must possess substantial legal education or experience to perform the duties and responsibilities listed above.

3. Must possess knowledge of CRIT Trial laws, court rules and procedures, and applicable federal statues such as the Indian Civil Rights Act (ICRA), Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) and Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).

4. Must have the ability to understand and apply appropriate the laws and rules of the CRIT Tribe with impartiality; ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing; ability to establish effective working relationship with employees, attorneys and advocates, parties to cases and the general public.

5. Must be competent to perform all the duties of the position; be of good moral character; be emotionally stable and mature; be committed to equal justice under the law; be in good health; be patient and courteous; and be capable of deliberation and decisiveness.

6. Must not have been convicted of a felony, or of a misdemeanor or other criminal offense involving dishonesty or moral turpitude with the last five years, in any Federal, Tribal or State Court.

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