Job Opportunity – Project Manager/Senior Project Manager

Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
Center for Indian Country Development (CICD)

The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis recently established the Center for Indian Country Development (CICD), whose mission is to help American Indians communities attain their economic goals and thus improve economic and community well-being throughout Indian Country. The CICD accomplishes its mission by building relationships, convening thought leaders, and conducting research concerning economic and community development in American Indian communities. As part of its five-year strategic plan, the CICD intends to focus on four particular areas: land, business and entrepreneurship, education, and homeownership. The CICD seeks support for this work in designing diverse programs and initiatives related to Indian Country community and economic development in the district and nationally.

Description of the Position

The incumbent generally will (1) work across disciplines to increase the CICD’s reach and relationships with diverse stakeholders, including tribal, state, and federal governments, lending institutions, and philanthropic organizations, (2) design, participate in, and lead a variety of projects and assignments aligned with the CICD’s strategic plan, including planning meetings and conferences, analyzing data and academic and policy reports, writing articles and blogs, and interfacing with community development-related groups and organizations, and (3) coordinate and communicate the work of the CICD effectively across diverse cultures and organizations.

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