JOB: Chief Judge Mescalero Apache Tribal Court

Chief Judge, Mescalero Apache Tribal Court
The Chief Judge is responsible for fairly and impartially hearing and deciding judicial matters within the jurisdiction of the Mescalero Apache Tribal Court carrying out the administrative operations of the Mescalero Apache Court System, and supervising the Tribal Court and its employees, including case management and the timeliness of decisions.
Pursuant to Article XXVI, Section 4 of the Revised Constitution of the Mescalero Apache Tribe, the successful candidate for the position of Chief Judge must:
A) Be an individual who possesses at least a one-quarter degree of Indian blood and is a member of a federally recognized Indian tribe, nation, band or is an Eskimo, Aleut or other Alaska Native;
B) Be not less than thirty-five (35) years of age, nor more than seventy (70) years of age;
C) Never have been convicted of a felony, nor a misdemeanor within the past year; and
D) Possess a high school education or its equivalent.
Adhere to the Mescalero Apache Tribal Code, the Mescalero Apache Tribal Personnel Policies and Procedures and the Mescalero Apache Tribal Court Departmental Policies.
Hear and determine all types of cases filed in the Tribal Court, including but not limited to: criminal, traffic, civil (e.g. domestic relations, probate, repossession, breach of contract, personal injury), juvenile, and child welfare cases (e.g. neglect, dependency, delinquency, truancy).
In a timely manner, conduct legal research and issue orders in connection with cases heard.
Preside over jury trials.
Serve as Departmental Director for the Mescalero Apache Tribal Court system. Prepare budgets for approval by the Tribal Council, authorize and monitor all revenue and expenses. Establish all department policies not covered by tribal personnel policies. Responsible for the hiring, supervision, and training of all court staff. Monitors the timeliness of judicial decisions and ensures efficiency of the judicial system..
Issue search and seizure warrants, arrest warrants, and orders of protection where appropriate.
Assist in the development of Court rules of procedure in all areas listed above.
Must demonstrate oral and written communication skills as well as ability to perform legal research and possess analytical skills commensurate with the position of Chief Judge.
Must demonstrate knowledge of general legal principles in all areas listed in “Duties and Responsibilities”.
Must demonstrates knowledge of Federal Indian Law.
Must understand, appreciate and promote the ideas of tribal self-determination and tribal sovereignty.
Must possess and demonstrate a judicial temperament.
Must have a working knowledge of computers and software.
Salary is negotiable, and is dependent upon qualifications and budgetary concerns.
This position is open until filled.
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