Ferguson-Bohnee represents ASU at education conference

Professors Art Hinshaw, Patty Ferguson-Bohnee and Marcy Karin recently represented the College of Law at the Conference on Clinical LegalEducation in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The annual conference is organized by the Association of American Law Schools, and is meant to provide clinical educators with concrete lessons, examples, and ideas for improving teaching, student assessment, and clinical program self-evaluation.

The opening plenary, given by Hinshaw, was titled “The Changing Face of Clinical Education: Models, Pedagogies,and Opportunities for Transfer.”

Hinshaw, along with three other panelists, discussed how the rise of non-litigation clinics has led to pedagogies of lawyering skills organized around the objectives, methods, and competencies of non-litigation work.

Ferguson-Bohnee presented a project titled “Arizona Native Voting- Election Protection Project.”

Karin participated in a panel titled “Finding Partners and Structuring Social Justice Policy Projects.”

Ferguson-Bohnee has experience in Indian law, election law and policy matters, voting rights, and status clarification of tribes. She has testified before the United States Senate Committee on Indian Affairs and the Louisiana State Legislature regarding tribal recognition, and has successfully assisted four Louisiana tribes in obtaining state recognition.

Hinshaw’s research and teaching interests lie in the field of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), primarily mediation and negotiation. His research bridges ADR theory and practice, and his teaching responsibilities include the Lodestar Mediation Clinic and Negotiation among other ADR courses.

Karin teaches courses on workplace flexibility law and policy, employment law and policy and legislation. She also supervises and instructs student attorneys working on behalf of clients in the Civil Justice Clinic.