City of Mesa Magistrate

Classification Responsibilities: A City Magistrate is responsible for presiding over misdemeanor and civil traffic cases filed with the Mesa Municipal Court, and presides over Orders of Protection. A City Magistrate is responsible for applying relevant Supreme Court Rules, state statutes, City ordinances, and case law when presiding over trials to the court, trials to a jury, pre-trial conferences, arraignments, motions, and other hearings. An employee in this class is also responsible for imposing sentences
commensurate to the offense and within the parameters allowed by law. In addition, may be required to conduct initial appearances or arraignments in a jail court environment in accordance with the Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure. This class performs related duties as required.

Distinguishing Features: This classification has been designated as a non-classified, non-merit, at-will position. A City Magistrate is appointed by the City Council to a specified term. Prior to consideration for reappointment by the City Council, City Magistrates are evaluated by a Judicial Advisory Board, which makes recommendations to the City Council. This class is FLSA exempt – professional.
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