Navajo Nation Law CLE 2019: ILP alumni were a big hit!

On Oct. 25, we held our annual Navajo Nation Law CLE. We had a great group of speakers who gave presentations on different topics that affect the Navajo Nation, and we are so grateful to them for joining us. 

Alumni presenters included Jordan Hale (’09), Shawn Attakai (’00), Brian Lewis (’09), Candice French (’17), and Colin Bradley (’14).

Top left to right: Brian Lewis (’09), Colin Bradley (’14), Brian Curley-Chambers (’18), Jordan Hale (’09), Executive Director Kate Rosier, Krystalyn Kinsel (’15) and Kristyne Schaaf-Olson (’15). Bottom left to right: Michael Bennett (’16) and Raven Attwood (’15).

Thank you also to all who attended! And a special thank you to our alumni who offered donations to our program!