IRLS Program Welcomes 2021-2022 Fellows Cohort

The IRLS program is pleased to welcome a new cohort of IRLS Fellows. IRLS Fellows are JD, MLS, and LLM students with a keen interest in international rule of law, foreign policy, good governance, and global development issues. 

The following students are Fellows for the 2021-22 academic year:

Matthew Adler (JD ’23): I am a 2L from Phoenix, Arizona. I am most interested in the process by which countries cooperate to address common threats, including both climate change and geopolitical threats. I am looking forward to another year filled with IRLS events that feature talented speakers addressing interesting subjects.

Colin Cantu (JD ’24): My primary interest is to get a better understanding of how international law works in this globalized age, and I am really looking forward to meeting influential people in this field such as Ambassador Williamson. For my post-graduate plans, I have always been thinking about working in some capacity for the government, preferably the federal government, but I need to discern what particular area that would be in. 

Samuel Childerson (JD ’24): My interest in the International Rule of Law and Security program relates to international development and international relations in developing countries. I am excited to interact with and learn from other people interested in IRLS. Through the IRLS program, I look forward to transforming my interests into relevant skills to help an international community.

Riddhi Dalal (JD ’23): I am a 2L from California. In undergrad, I studied Political Economy with a concentration in International Trade, so it is no surprise that my primary interests are in international law and issues pertaining to trade, though I also have a strong interest in global security. I am looking forward to more enriching discussions and getting to engage with the other fellows!

Sharon Foster (JD ’22): I am interested in international human rights and international business. During summer 2020, I worked for the Office of the Provedor for Human Rights and Justice of Timor-Leste and drafted a report on prisoner rights. In the future, I hope to work on matters related to human rights or investment and trade at the United Nations or another intergovernmental organization.

Emilio Giuliani (JD ’23): I am a 2L and the Vice President of the International Law Society at ASU Law. I have five years of education management experience from my time in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and I previously interned at the Embassy of Iraq and the Middle East Institute in Washington, DC. I worked for Corruption Watch South Africa during my 1L summer and will be returning to Minnesota to work for Maslon LLP as a Summer Associate in 2022.

Katharine Greer (JD ’24): I am interested in international women’s rights and how globalization has affected legislative efforts across the globe. I believe the IRLS program will help show potential career paths concerning this interest. I am most excited to meet with other students and professionals who have similar interests and career goals. 

Freeman Halle (JD ’23): I am a 2L and a returning IRLS Fellow. I am looking forward to deepening my understanding of international law through the IRLS program and to pursuing research and externship opportunities in the field of international development, foreign relations law, and national security.

John-Tyler (JT) Iacovetta (JD ’23): I am a current 2L and a returning IRLS Fellow. I have ten years of experience in U.S. Navy nuclear operations and earned my BSE in Nuclear Engineering at the University of Michigan. My research experience includes several conference publications and presentations in nuclear non-proliferation techniques and detection methods.

Joanna Jandali (JD ’23): I am a 2L with an interest in transitional justice and international criminal justice. I am excited to be returning as an IRLS fellow! I hope to spend my spring 2022 semester in Washington D.C., taking international law classes at ASU’s Barrett and O’Connor Center and interning at a D.C.-based organization.

Ivan Justiniano (JD ’24): I am from Puerto Rico and a 1L. Coming into law school, my main interest is to study international law and learn ways to resolve security, environmental, and human rights issues. Being an IRLS Fellow will prepare me, as a law student and future attorney, on the pressing issues that affect the world today and in the future. My goal is to promote justice, and human rights, and work in government to make sure the pressing issues are addressed.

Molly Launceford (JD ’24): Working in the field of civic education after college further developed my commitment to civil rights and good governance, and led me to ASU Law, where I am preparing for a career in public interest. I am looking forward to connecting with professors, professionals, and other students who are similarly interested in and dedicated to this field of law.

AnnaMarie Lively (JD ’22): My interest in IRLS would be the program’s unique opportunities for research regarding international human rights, experience abroad, and connection to a network of students and professionals with like-minded interests. I ultimately aspire to work for an international organization working on behalf of marginalized populations subject to violence. I am particularly interested in a career focused on genocide prevention, refugee law, and advocacy for victims of war crimes.

Hunter Luber (JD ’23): I am a 2L from the New England area. I have enjoyed being a part of ASU’s IRLS program immensely over the past two years, and I look forward to continuing to work with the program. This spring, I look forward to participating in ASU’s Washington, DC semester, where I will continue my studies in policy and business in the international sphere. After graduation, I hope to follow a career in international law, with a particular interest in cross-border deals and M&A.

Maria McCabe (JD ’23): I am a 2L from Massachusetts interested in studying international human rights law through the IRLS program. I am a graduate of Northeastern University, where I studied political science and international affairs. I worked as a career coach with refugees and immigrants in Boston in between college and law school. I am looking forward to participating in ASU Law’s Washington, D.C. program and getting to know other students with similar interests.

Kyler Mejia (JD ’22): I am a 3L interested in national security, international law, and good governance. I have specific interest in international human rights issues as well as good governance practices by multinational corporations, non-governmental organizations, and state actors. I am excited to join this cohort of students and practitioners to learn more about the area and gain exposure to the different practices within international and security law.

Katrina Redmon (JD ’24): I am excited to be a fellow in the IRLS program because I want to be connected with others who have a similar interest and determination to be a part of the international legal field. I am most looking forward to the experiential opportunities and mentorship. My post-graduation goals are to live in the D.C. area either working in the Department of State or a firm that focuses on international affairs.

Tyler Shappee (JD ’24): I am an Arizona native but the IRLS program was still one of the main reasons I decided to attend ASU as practicing international law in some form is my end goal. Learning about pathways to practicing international law and meeting practitioners is what I am most excited about being a Fellow. After law school, I hope to fight for human rights with either a government agency or the United Nations.

Emelia Stephan (JD ’23): My primary interest in IRLS is to study topics of international human rights, international security, and international sustainable development. I am excited for the opportunity to meet and build relationships with people who are also interested in these issues.

Yuki Taylor (JD ’23): I had never imagined I could someday embrace an opportunity to study law in an oasis city in the United States of America. Through a foreign eye, America’s greatest achievement is the establishment of judicial rigor for fairness and justice, while mitigating prejudice and bias. I would like to take part in spreading the American commitment to justice to the world, while learning from the world in return.

Tatum Weight (JD ’24): I am extremely honored to be an IRLS Fellow. My primary interests in the domain of international law is transnational crime, and foreign policy and relations, specifically in South Africa. I am very excited to learn from other IRLS fellows and our esteemed professors in the program.

Aidan Wright (JD ’24): I am interested in international business transactions and arbitration between the U.S. and Latin America. I am also interested in human rights issues in Latin America, specifically Colombia. I am excited to grow my network as an IRLS fellow, and to gain access to opportunities to do summer work in Latin America where possible. Upon graduation, I can see myself doing any number of things, but right now, the idea of working on international business transactions sounds pretty great.

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